We Got Explosives 2

WGE is back. Now with even more weapons and monsters! WGE2 has much more features compared to earlier version. Main idea is the same as in WGE1: blow your friends up with MANY weapons and collect all kind of treasures. If you have played WGE1, you should already know why this game is worth trying.

Note: New registration price is 8€.

Download We Got Explosives 2

Screenshot of WGE2


  • DirectX 6 or better
  • Win95/98/2000/XP
  • Soundcard
  • 2-4 players


These are maps made by users of WGE2. Download and extract to your "maps" directory under WGE2 directory.

Vidar Vik & Kristian Berg download
Olli Välkki download
WeaPea download
Roger Peltonen download
Tomi Hakulinen download
Simon Elo & Jouni Hakkarainen download
Jarkko Taipaleenmäki download
Matti Rauhala download
A-P Manninen download
Tero download
Lari Ranta download
M.S. Mäkinen download
Johannes Metsälampi ja Markus Pekuri download
PRO88 download
Jere Kuusela download

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