Name: Ari Suonpää
Age: 31
Living in Kylmäkoski, Finland
Education: Master of Science, Software Engineering
Work: Staff Engineer at Qualcomm Finland

My interest in drawing started when I was a small kid. I remember often being busy with my coloring books, which I got as presents almost every Christmas. At the age of ten, I had my first huge leap in my drawing "career": I borrowed a drawing instruction book from our local library. From there I had my first contact with perspective, shading, and all the other fundamental basics of drawing. It was amazing how one book could have such impact on a young boy's drawing skills. I have always thought that drawing is not about talent but more about a certain way of thinking and observing the world. It doesn't require some rare talent to be able to see objects as forms and to be aware how light interacts with these.

At the age of fifteen, I had my first try with oil colors at school. I really loved those in comparison to water colors that we were mostly using. Next Christmas, I received my first oil colors of my own. I finished only a few paintings with that starter kit though. For some reason, I didn't have enough interest to continue.

For the next years I abandoned drawing and painting almost completely. I was more interested in writing computer games. Meanwhile, I was also interested in 3D modeling, which truly helped me to understand the effect of light on 3D objects. That's an important ability also for 2D artists.

My art hobby kept a low profile for several years even though I had just bought my Wacom tablet. I finished a few digital paintings in the run, but I was more concerned of university and dating.

In 2005 I started painting more actively for the next few years. Nowadays work and family has started taking more time away from art, but I still try to find some time for it. I do go to life drawing classes regularly to keep the interest up.

© Ari Suonpää.